Pinto Paris is world-renowned for their one-of-a-kind and limited edition collections of elegant furniture, tableware and accessories. Each unique piece is meticulously designed and hand crafted by expert artisans using rare materials, and is distinguished by graphic intricacy, and a beautiful, timeless finish.

Each collection bearing the Pinto Paris name is the fruit of the traditional skills maintained by France’s beloved arts-and-crafts industries; from cabinetmakers, lacquerers and upholsterers to bronzers, stonemasons, parchment makers, and lapidaries. The result is immediately recognizable by all, attracting individual clients, decorators and collectors from all over the world.

Each piece has a strong identity, cultivating the contrasts and correspondences between elements and resulting in a unique style characterized by rarity, surprise, harmony, generosity, comfort, audacity, accuracy and extreme refinement, rendering each piece distinctive. 

Only a small selection of items available have been shown, for more detail on the complete collections or to discuss bespoke requirements, please contact us.