Kurt Varg’s pioneering leather woven panels and accessories are born from the expert knowledge and experience of a team trusted for years to provide leather goods to the most revered Haute Couture maisons.

Reminiscent of the modernist luxury of India in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the spirit of the collections comes from a deep wanderlust with a particular fascination for the luxurious and refined elegance of the maharajas of yore.

Since the 1900’s, Tamil Nadu, in the south of India, has had a strong heritage of leather craftsmanship. Therefore, it was only natural that Kurt enlisted the help of these highly skilled artisans, specialised in the art of hand woven leather. The result is a collection that gives a new breath of life to the artisanal practice of hand weaving.

The design and intricate details of this collection are sober and elegant whilst playing with colour and form. From classic plain weaves, to intricate motifs and designs combining other natural materials, there is something to suit each beautifully designed interior.

Kurt Varg’s woven leathers come in running metres, perfect for use in upholstery as soft furnishings and curtains, seating, headboards, wall panelling and screening. The handwoven richness can transform the simplest of shapes into a unique custom piece.

Only a small selection of items available have been shown, for more detail on the complete collections or to discuss bespoke requirements, please contact us.