Infocus-Spider specialises in the manufacture of exclusive custom-made furniture.

Both the companies headquarter and all of the manufactures are based in Shanghai, China.
China has a diverse and booming economy and Shanghai is at the centre of its sophisticated and cosmopolitan soul.
Shanghai, with its rich history of combining Chinese and western ideals and design philosophies is a melting pot for creativity.
With over a decade of project experience in Shanghai and through analysing various market situations, we are well placed to meet the needs of our valued clients across the Residential, Hospitality and Commercial sectors.
Our company vision is to combine the relative strengths of Chinese manufacturers with the highest quality domestic and imported materials to create furniture that will exceed the expectations of the most discerning clients.
The long held belief that China is only a mass producer of low quality products is outdated and not relevant to the custom-made furniture industry.

Only a small selection of items available have been shown, for more detail on the complete collections please contact us